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WhatsApp Media Not Downloading on iPhone

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The inability to download media (such as photographs, movies, documents, audio files, etc.) is one of these issues that can come up very regularly. The issue asks you to either attempt downloading the media again or ask the sender to deliver it again. It is frequently displayed with messages like “Download failed” or “Download was unable to complete” on the WhatsApp app.

The solutions to resolve the WhatsApp Media Not Downloading on iPhone issue are listed below if WhatsApp is unable to download Photos, Videos, Audio, or Documents.

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Examine Your Internet Connectivity

Whenever you want to download WhatsApp photographs, videos, or other media to your smartphone, first check your internet connection to see if a poor internet network might be the problem.

Check the status of your iPhone’s storage

If you don’t have enough capacity on your device, WhatsApp won’t be able to download media.

to access iPhone storage, go to Settings > General. You may view your device’s used and free storage space on the following screen. You must take steps to Free Up Storage Space on your iPhone if there is not enough room.

Give WhatsApp permission to download files and audio using cellular data

If you are away from home or work and just connected to a cellular network, WhatsApp won’t be uploading documents or audio messages on your iPhone.

If necessary, you can always follow the instructions below to allow WhatsApp to download documents and audio messages using cellular data.

Activate WhatsApp > Open the “Media Auto-Download” section of Settings > Storage & Data > Documents. Choose the WiFi and Cellular option on the following screen.

Set the Time and Date Properly

One of the most frequent causes of internet issues and why WhatsApp may not be able to download files on your smartphone is having the date and time incorrectly configured on your phone.

Launch Settings.
After choosing General, click Date & Time.
Toggle the Set Automatically button to set the date and time automatically.

Update WhatsApp

Frequently, upgrading WhatsApp can resolve a variety of problems. One of these issues, for instance, is WhatsApp’s inability to download media. You can try to fix it by updating WhatsApp to the most recent version.

Granting WhatsApp access to the Photos app

Make sure WhatsApp has the necessary permissions to access the Photos App on your smartphone if it is unable to download Photos & Videos.

Go to Photos > WhatsApp under Settings > Privacy & Security. Select the All Photos option on the following screen.

Disable Low Data Mode

Even if WhatsApp is permitted to utilise cellular data, the Low Data Mode setting on your device may prevent it from downloading media using cellular data.

Disable Low Data Mode by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. You should see that WhatsApp is downloading photos, videos, and other media using cellular data once you off Low Data Mode.

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