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Top six steps to fix the iPhone black screen issue

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Users occasionally complain that their iPhone camera has a dark screen or is malfunctioning. It has been noted that the camera malfunctions and simply displays a black screen rather than the front or back image.

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Exit the camera application

Your iPhone’s camera app may not have loaded properly, which might be the root of the black screen issue. Forcibly closing the camera app is the simplest workaround for this. Get the app previews by double-tapping the Home button to achieve this. To exit the app, simply swipe up on the Camera interface. Then, after some time, resume it.

Check the camera lens and iPhone case.

Make sure the protective Case is not covering your iPhone’s front camera if you are using one to keep it safe.

Turn off the Voiceover function.

Many customers have reported that the iPhone camera has a black screen when the voiceover feature is used. This could be an iOS bug that occasionally leads to issues with the iPhone camera. Simply off the “VoiceOver” option in your phone’s Settings > General > Accessibility to fix this. Restart the camera app after some time has passed.

Turn ON/OFF Flashlight

Both the camera and the torch on the iPhone use the front LED light. In some instances, the issue is brought on by the Flashlight not functioning or not being in sync with the Camera App.

To turn on the flashlight on your iPhone, open the Control Centre and tap the Flashlight icon. After some time has passed, reopen the Control Centre and tap the Flashlight symbol to shut it.

Restart your iPhone

The most popular solution to the iPhone camera black problem is this one. You can fix the majority of issues with your device after resetting the current power cycle. Just briefly press the Power (wake/sleep) button on your device. The Power slider will appear on the screen as a result. You can turn off your smartphone by sliding it once. To turn your device on, hit the Power button a second time after waiting for at least 30 seconds.

 Install Updates

  • Ensure that the most recent software updates are installed on your device.
  • Click Software Update under Settings > General.
  • If an update is available, select Download and Install on the following screen, then adhere to the installation instructions.

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