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Telegram sign up

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How to Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram

Telegram is a chat programme that is comparable to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Group chats and self-destructing texts are also supported.

The app was released on August 14, 2013, for iOS, and October 20, 2013, for Android. and currently reportedly receives 550 million monthly visitors. Whenever a privacy incident involving one of Telegram’s more significant competitors occurs, Telegram’s user base tends to increase.


The secret chat feature, which is an illustration of Telegram’s encryption and security design, can be used to understand why it is safer than other messaging apps in terms of security. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling.

Steps to Telegram Sign Up

  • Get the most recent Telegram app by visiting the Apple App store or Telegram – Apps on Google Play.
  • Choose “Start Messaging.”
  • Enter your phone number and country code.
  • To continue, press the blue arrow.
  • In the Telegram text, type the verification code.
  • Fill in your name.

How to create an account on Telegram without a phone number

  • Get the most recent Telegram app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Click the “Get Started” button after launching the app.
  • Provide the Fragment-purchased anonymous number.
  • It will utilise the Fragment platform to send an OTP.
  • You’ve finished!

How to Login to Telegram

  • Start the app.
  • Click the “start messaging” button.
  • Choose the appropriate country code.
  • your phone number, please.
  • You will receive a one-time password on your phone, so enter it.
  • to be sure it’s really you.
  • You will be prompted to add information after your phone number has been validated.

How to Retrieve Your Telegram Account

  • Launch the Telegram app on your phone or tablet.
  • Access Settings.
  • Click on Security and Privacy.
  • Choose Recovery Code.
  • After selecting “Generate New Code,” input your phone number.
  • You’ll receive a recovery code from Telegram via SMS.

Special Telegram Features

  • Several profile pictures can be uploaded to Telegram.
  • Change Telegram’s appearance.
  • Make use of Telegram bots.
  • Switch on Auto-Night Mode.
  • Mute Groups and Contacts.
  • Tell Us Where You Are Right Now.
  • Add a second number or move existing phone numbers.
  • Test out the Secret Telegram Chats.

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