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How to Turn Off Vibration When iPhone is in Silent Mode

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When your iPhone is in your pocket, you can easily silence it by using the physical mute switch on the device. However, if your iPhone is on a table, for instance, you’ll still feel the vibration.

While attending a meeting, lecture, or prayer meeting, you can turn off the ringer on your iPhone or put it in Do Not Disturb Mode to avoid distracting others.

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Similarly to this, it might be necessary to put your iPhone in silent mode in situations and settings where it might be rude or inappropriate to disturb others by making calls or letting your phone ring. Even with the ringer turned OFF, the iPhone may still generate a lot of noise, particularly if it is set down on a table and begins to vibrate.

How to Disable Vibration on an iPhone in Silent Mode

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings, scroll down, and touch Sounds & Haptics. Navigate to the following screen and turn the toggle next to “Play Haptics in Silent Mode” to “OFF.”
  • You can turn off Play Haptics in Ring Mode if you don’t want your iPhone to vibrate while it is ringing. As long as your iPhone is ringing and not in Silent Mode, this will stop it from vibrating.
  • By turning on the Play Haptics option for Ring and Silent Mode, you can always make your iPhone vibrate.

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