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How to Save Articles For Offline Reading On iPhone

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Saving articles from your favourite websites for offline reading is a simple technique to conserve mobile data on an iPhone.Using a function hidden in Settings, you can store articles in your Reading List for offline reading at a later time. How? Read on.

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How to Save Articles For Offline Reading On iPhone

We must make sure that iCloud is configured to save your Safari bookmarks and Reading List before the offline reading list will function. Users can store articles from any website for offline reading using the “Add to Reading List” feature of the iPhone’s native Safari browser.

  • Open the article you want to save for offline reading on the iPhone’s Safari browser.
  • To access the Safari Sharing menu after landing on the article, hit the Share icon in the bottom menu.
  • Select Add to Reading List from the Sharing menu that displays.
  • Choose the Save Automatically option on the pop-up menu to save this article for offline reading on an iPhone.

How to Use the Safari Browser on an iPhone to Read Articles Offline

  1. On an iPhone, launch Safari and select the Reading List option from the bottom menu.
  2. To see articles that are saved for offline reading on your iPhone, press the Reading List Icon on the menu that appears.
  3. Locate the article you want to read offline on the Reading list, then tap on it to open it.

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