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How to Resize the Dock on Your Mac

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The Dock on a Mac can be thought of as a Launching Pad for your most frequently used Mac apps and programs. It is often located at the bottom of the screen.

Mac users often maintain the size and position of the Dock. But the Dock can occasionally get in the way, necessitating either a change in the Dock’s placement or a reduction in size.

Although it’s useful for launching Mac applications, the Dock can either be too huge or too little.

If necessary, you can increase or decrease the dock size on your MacBook to accommodate your specific visual and screen size needs.

Quick Mouse Pointer Dock Resize Instructions

  • Hover your mouse pointer over the vertical separator in your Dock, which is situated between the space for app icons and the area for file shortcuts and the Trash, while you see your desktop. Your mouse cursor will turn into an up-and-down “Resize” arrow when you are at the proper place.
  • Holding down your primary mouse or trackpad button while dragging your cursor away from or toward the border of the screen will alter the size of the Dock until it resembles the up-and-down sign.
  • The Dock will grow as you move your pointer away from the border of the screen until it reaches the maximum size that is supported.
  • If you move your pointer toward the edge, the Dock will shrink until it reaches its minimum size.
  • Additionally, you can change the size of the Dock to any value in-between the two extremes.
  • Simply let off the mouse or trackpad button when finished, and the Dock will stay the size you selected.

Increase or Decrease the Size of the Dock Using the Dock Preferences Menu

  • Select the Dock Preferences option from the menu that appears by performing a right-click on the dock divider line.
  • You can change the size of the Dock by sliding the slider next to it to the left to make it smaller or to the right to make it larger on the Dock Preferences page.


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