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How to Reduce Data Usage by Apple Music on iPhone

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You can use your iPhone to listen to any of Apple Music’s 50 million song collections at any time if you have an unlimited data plan.

You would be better off periodically checking your iPhone’s data usage and limiting the amount of cellular data that Apple Music uses if you have a limited data plan.

The greatest option you have may not be to stream Apple Music if your Cellular Data allowance is constrained. Your data plan will run out before you know it because of the audio quality it offers.

However, be aware that the platform supports a wide range of audio quality, each with a distinct data consumption restriction before you stop using Apple Music on data or switch to its competitors. For a three-minute song, the lowest-quality option uses roughly 1.5 MB of data, while the highest-quality option uses roughly 6 MB.

Additionally, Apple offers lossless file types like ALAC and Hi-Res, which can each take up to 145 MB for a single song. Consequently, if you have a limited data plan, You must take every precaution to limit Apple Music’s use of data on your iPhone. You’re in luck since we’ve included all the useful advice here, saving you from having to go elsewhere.

Disable High-Quality Streaming

Disabling High-Quality Streaming will still result in a sizable reduction in mobile data use if you do decide to listen to music via cellular data.

Select Settings > Music > Cellular Streaming from the menu. Choose the High-Efficiency option on the following screen.

Disable Cellular Data for Downloading Animated Artwork

Setting your device to exclusively download high-resolution graphics like Artist Pages, Album Covers, and Animated Artwork over WiFi is another approach to saving cellular data when using Apple Music.

Go to Settings > Music > Animated Art, then choose the WiFi Only option on the following screen.

Download Music for Offline Listening.

Apple Music is one of the greatest apps for downloading music and using it offline in addition to being a streaming service. You may download songs, albums, and even playlists when you have an Apple Music subscription. Only the downloading procedure uses data in this manner. Your device won’t need an active internet connection to play these audio files later, conserving your cellular data.

Disable Cellular Data for Streaming Apple Music

If you want to save the most data possible, the iPhone gives you the option to completely disable the Music App’s use of cellular data.

Select Settings, then scroll down and select Music. Place the toggle next to Cellular Data in the OFF position on the following screen.

Block Apple Music From Accessing Cellular Data.

You may completely prevent Apple Music from accessing your cellular data if you don’t want it to. In this way, while the platform is not connected to Wi-Fi, no material will stream or be downloaded.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Locate Music by scrolling all the way down to Apps. After that, tap it.
  • Turn off the toggle next to Mobile Data at the top of the page.


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