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How to Prevent YouTube from Using Mobile Data on iPhone

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How to Prevent YouTube from Using Mobile Data on iPhone

iPhone users frequently go over their cellular data plan restrictions without even realising it. Thus, iPhone offers the option to completely stop High Data Consuming Apps like YouTube from using Mobile Data, as well as the option to Reduce Cellular Data Usage by Apps.

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Stop YouTube from running background processes on mobile data

  • By forbidding YouTube from using cellular data for background operations, you can lower the amount of mobile data that it consumes on your device.
  • Open Settings > scroll down and tap YouTube > on the following page, switch the toggle next to Background App Refresh to OFF.

Modify the mobile network’s preferences for video quality

  • On your iPhone, launch the YouTube app, hit the Profile icon in the top right corner, and then choose Settings from the menu that appears.
  • Select either the Auto or Data Saver option from the Settings screen’s Video Quality Preferences > On Mobile Networks > screen.

Reduce Video Quality While Watching

  • While watching the videos on YouTube, you can also lower the video quality.
  • Open the YouTube video you wish to watch, pick the Settings icon, go to Quality, and choose the lowest setting.
  • Select a lower non-HD setting and check to see if you can watch the video without it buffering.

Stop YouTube from using your iPhone’s mobile data.

  • YouTube’s ability to use your iPhone’s cellular data can be completely eliminated if you disable Mobile Data Access.
  • Navigate to Settings > Cellular and turn the toggle next to YouTube off on the following screen.

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