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How to Lock Hidden Photo Album on iPhone

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Personal images can be hidden on iPhone and secured using Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode. The procedures to lock a hidden photo album on an iPhone are listed below. The most intimate images on your iPhone can now be securely locked away by Apple, ensuring they cannot be accessed without first authenticating with a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

You may now lock the Hidden Photos Album using a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID if you have an iPhone running iOS 16 or higher.

This ensures that, as long as your personal images are relocated to the Hidden Album, anyone with access to your unlocked iPhone won’t be able to see them.

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Use Touch ID or Face ID to lock the hidden album on an iPhone.

You can lock the Hidden Album using Touch ID and Face ID if your iPhone is configured to use those two authentication methods. Go to Settings > Photos > turn the toggle next to Use Touch ID or Use Touch ID and Show Hidden Album to ON. You will now be asked to verify with Touch ID or Face ID in order to access the “Hidden” Photo Album.

With a passcode, you may lock the iPhone’s hidden photo album.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and turn on the Face ID/Touch ID for Hidden Photo Album setting to lock the hidden photo album.

Go to Settings > Photos and turn the toggles next to Use Passcode and Show Hidden Album ON.

After that, launch the Photos app, select the Albums tab, and scroll down to the “Utilities” section.

On “Hidden” and “Recently Deleted” Albums, you will notice a Lock Icon, which signifies that the Hidden Album on your iPhone is now password-protected.

After that, a Passcode authentication request will always be displayed to anyone attempting to enter the “Hidden” Photo Album.

Here’s how to verify that your hidden album is locked

  • Launch the Photos app, then select Albums.
  • Under Utilities, look for lock icons next to Hidden and Recently Deleted.
  • Tap Hidden to see your hidden pictures.
  • After selecting View Album, unlock the folder with Touch ID or Face ID.

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