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How to Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram

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How to Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram

A robust instant messaging service called Telegram is quickly attracting users. Telegram similar to WhatsApp needs a phone number to set up an account. Contrary to WhatsApp, Telegram allows users to totally conceal their phone numbers. Unless you want to reveal your phone number to them through Telegram’s privacy settings, the other party will never learn it.

Even if they obtain your phone number, Telegram’s privacy features provide you with the choice to prevent strangers from finding your profile and contacting you. You can control who can view your phone number in Telegram. It also has privacy settings that let you control who can look you up by phone number. If deactivated, even if they have your phone number in their contacts (as long as you don’t have them on your contacts list), people won’t be able to find your profile and connect with you.

How to hide your phone number on Telegram

  • Launch Telegram.
  • Tap the three bars to access settings, then select Settings.
  • Navigate to Phone Number after selecting Privacy and Security.
  • Choose My Contacts from the “Who can find me by my number?” list on the following screen.

My Contacts: Your Phone Number can only be seen by people you have added to your Contacts List.

Nobody: Hides your phone number from everyone

Everyone: Displays your phone number to anyone who initiates a chat with you (similar to WhatsApp).

Change who can locate you by your phone number.

  • Open Telegram, press the Menu icon, and then from the drop-down menu that appears, choose Settings.
  • From the Settings page, select Privacy and Security > Phone Number. On the following screen, click My Contacts in the “Who can find me by my number?” column.

With the aforementioned settings, Telegram will no longer sync and upload your contact list to their servers. At this point, you can also make sure Telegram does not automatically pick up your contacts due to a bug or if you accidentally press the sync button by disabling the “Contacts” permission.


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