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How to Get Weather Alerts on iPhone

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How to Get Weather Alerts on iPhone

The native iPhone weather app can give you up-to-date information on your neighbourhood’s weekly, daily, and hourly weather conditions.

You can set up the weather app to provide you with timely alerts or notifications on the weather so you can be ready for severe weather.

The iPhone Weather app has been getting better and better over time. But iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 were able to make a somewhat more extensive and better leap. Now, you can access weather maps, a weather widget on the home screen and lock screen, and severe weather warnings.

Allowing the Weather app to access your location data and send notifications will enable you to receive weather alerts on your iPhone. You may even receive weather alerts on your iPhone’s lock screen if necessary.

How to activate location-based weather notifications on an iPhone

Activating weather notifications from the Weather app requires two steps: first granting the app access to your location.

  • Enable location access

Select Settings > Weather > Location. Choose the Always option on the following screen.

  • Step 2: Set the Weather App’s notifications to “on”

Access the weather app.

Click the three-dot symbol.

Choose the place from the Locations option.

click on

You can choose Lock Screen to receive weather alerts on your iPhone’s Lock Screen or Notification Centre to receive weather alerts in Notification Centre, depending on your preferences.

Real-time weather data is updated in the Weather app by Apple from a variety of data sources. These are mostly region-specific. Thus, if the Weather app is unable to obtain data for your area, you might not receive a notification.

As a result, while some countries offer notifications about certain weather changes, others do not. Make sure you’re using the most recent iOS 16 if you’re in any of the aforementioned stated areas.


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