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How to Fix “SOS Only” Mode on iPhone

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SOS Only” indicates that you are outside of your cell phone provider’s typical service area, therefore you must enter it again to resolve the issue. If SOS is still present, try restarting your iPhone or turning on and off aeroplane mode.

You won’t be able to place calls or send SMS Text Messages if your iPhone is in “SOS Only” mode. The steps to disable SOS, which is available in the United States, Canada, and a few other countries, are listed below.

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Activate/Deactivate Aeroplane Mode

  • Resetting your device’s wireless antennas and renewing the network are both benefits of turning on and off aeroplane mode.
  • Go to Settings and turn the toggle to the ON position to activate Aeroplane Mode.

Change to a 4G or LTE network

  • If you are utilising a 5G network, the issue may be caused by a lack of 5G coverage in the area right now.
  • Select LTE or any non-5G network on the following screen by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data.

Insert and Reinstall the SIM Card

  • The issue may arise from the SIM Card becoming misplaced, defective, or broken, causing your device to lose connection with the carrier’s network.
  • Take the SIM Card out of your iPhone and look for any obvious indications of damage to check.
  • Re-insert the SIM Card into the iPhone and check to see whether the issue has been resolved if there are no visible signs of damage.

Update your iOS and carrier software

  • The problem might be due to an iOS or Carrier update waiting to be installed on your device.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Wait for the iPhone to check for updates on the next screen, then press Install (if an update becomes available).

 Enable Roaming Data

  • If your device’s data-roaming feature is not activated, you won’t be able to make calls if you are outside the coverage area of your carrier.
  • You should be aware that roaming fees can occasionally be high, if not outright absurd, before authorising data roaming.
  • Toggle Data Roaming by going to Settings > Cellular and selecting the ON (Green) position.

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