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How to Fix iPhone WhatsApp Status Display Issues

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How to Fix iPhone WhatsApp Status Display Issues

Many customers are having trouble viewing status uploads from one or, in some circumstances, all of their connections. We have put together this information for you if you fall into such a category. Learn how to repair WhatsApp status not showing on iPhone

WhatsApp’s Status update function enables users to post images and videos that their Contacts can view until they automatically expire after 24 hours.

Check to see whether you’ve been blocked by the user.

Your profile image, information, status updates, and other information are concealed from the user when you block a contact on WhatsApp. You won’t be able to see these details if someone WhatsApp blocks you, either.

Make sure the contact is not blocked.

  • Navigate to Settings > Phone > Blocked > Unblock. You may view the list of blocked numbers on the Blocked Screen.
  • If the Contact appears in the block list, tap on the Edit option (top-right corner), then touch on the minus sign (-) Icon placed next to the Contact you wish to unblock, and then pick the Unblock option.

Inquire about the contact’s privacy settings.

Even if the user hasn’t blocked you, you might not be able to see their status uploads because they may have hidden them from you. If your intended target is a close friend, you can suggest that they check their privacy settings.

Update WhatsApp

Search for WhatsApp in the App Store on your iPhone. Tap the Update button next to WhatsApp Messenger on the following screen. Only if a WhatsApp update is available will the Update option be available.

Check Muted Status

  • Open WhatsApp and choose the chat of the individual whose status updates are keeping you from seeing them. Tap on the person’s name on the following screen.
  • Tap the Muted tab on the Contacts details screen.
  • Choose the Unmute option from the pop-up menu that appears.

Verify If You Are Blocking Last Seen From This Contact

  • Open WhatsApp and select the bottom menu Settings tab.
  • Make sure the My Contacts option is checked under Privacy > Last Seen & Online on the Settings screen. Select the My Contacts Excluding option if Contacts are being blocked.
  • Unblock the Contact on the following screen by tapping the Red X next to the Blocked Contact.
  • Make sure you tap on Done to save this Setting in WhatsApp on your iPhone.


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