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How to Fix an iPhone Alarm That Isn’t Working

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The procedures to troubleshoot and resolve the iPhone alarm not working issue are listed below if the iPhone’s wake-up alarm function is not functioning.

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Increase the alarm volume

You might have the Ringtone and Alert Volume set to the lowest. If so, follow these instructions to fix it.

  • Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Touch Sound and Haptics.
  • To make sure that Ringtone and Alerts are set to the highest volume, move the slider to the right.

Remove the wired headphones.

Even if your iPhone is linked to wired or wireless headphones, the alarm should sound when it is supposed to.

However, both wired and wireless headphones can occasionally cause the iPhone to become trapped in headphone mode, which could affect the built-in speakers.

Disconnecting the wired speakers by pulling them out and the wireless speakers by turning off Bluetooth is an easy way to fix this problem.

Move the toggle next to Bluetooth to the OFF position by going to Settings > Bluetooth.

Unnecessary Alarms should be removed.

On your iPhone, launch the Clock app, select the Alarm tab, and then hit the Edit option in the top-left corner.

Tap the Red Minus button on the following screen, then tap the Delete option that appears.

To save this modification on your iPhone, be sure to hit on Done.

Repeat the same steps to remove any more alarms, and then press the Plus Icon in the top-left corner to add a new alarm that you want to use.

Uninstall any third-party alarm apps.

On the App Store, there are a tonne of third-party alarm apps for iPhones. They might offer more functionality than the standard Clock app, without a doubt. It is advisable for you to remove these applications. Yes, there is a remote possibility that doing so will resolve your problem.

Some applications request odd permissions and may obstruct the operation of the Clock app’s alarm feature, rendering both programmes worthless. So go ahead and uninstall these apps, as the native apps serve their purpose as an alarm clock just fine.

Verify the alarm time is accurate.

Your alarm may not sound on time because you accidentally set the wrong time. Additionally, setting an alarm for 4 o’clock in the evening and expecting it to go off at 4 o’clock in the morning is not unusual during stressful, demanding, and busy times.

  • Open the Clock App, select the Alarm tab, and confirm the accuracy of the Alarm time.

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