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How to Find the Serial Number of an iPhone

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If you want to verify your iPhone’s warranty status or get ready to sell it, you might need to know its serial number.

Identify the iPhone serial number
Each iPhone comes with a 12-digit alphanumeric serial number that serves as its own personal identification. No other iPhones have access to its serial number.

You’ll undoubtedly need to find your iPhone’s serial number at some time, whether you need to submit it to Apple for repair, get it ready for sale, or just record it for inventory or insurance records.

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Using Settings, locate the iPhone’s serial number

  • If you don’t have the original packing, use Settings on your iPhone to obtain the serial number.
  • Log into Settings and select General > About. Your device’s serial number will be visible on the following screen.

via SIM Tray

  • You may find your iPhone’s Serial Number clearly inscribed on the SIM tray by opening the SIM tray with a paperclip or SIM-eject tool The 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S iPhone models are the only ones that are compatible with this procedure.

Using iTunes

Open iTunes, connect the device to the computer using a Lightning or 30-Pin USB cable and then choose your iPhone from the list of available devices at the top of the window. You’ll see all the essential information about your iPhone, including the serial number if you make sure you’re on the “Summary” page. Then, you can copy your iPhone’s serial number by selecting Copy with the right-click (Control-click on a Mac) command on the serial number.

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