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How to Find Out Whether Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

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How can you tell if someone on iMessage has blocked you? Although it might not be feasible to determine if you are blocked without directly asking the individual, there are a few things you could try.

Step 1: Examine your iMessage read receipts.
Sending a message to the person you think has blocked you on iMessage is a simple way to find out if they have. Check iMessage Bubble Color. Green bubbles can also imply that you’ve been blocked, even though you may already know that they indicate that you’re sending a conventional text message rather than utilising iMessage.

iMessages typically have blue text bubbles (messages between Apple devices). Your messages will be sent as SMS if you have “Send as SMS” activated on your iPhone when iMessage isn’t accessible. Remember that carrier messaging rates can be involved.

Step 2: If you’d prefer not to text the person you believe has blocked you, give them a call.

When you contact a blocked number, the call will ring once and then go to voicemail, which will let you know the person is not accessible. The call and voicemail messages from the blocked number won’t be reported to the blocker. He will, however, continue to receive voicemail. It will show up at the bottom of their voicemail list in the “Blocked Messages” section.

Step 3: View iMessage Delivery Notification
An “Delivered” indication will show up beneath an iMessage you send, letting you know the recipient has received it. A “Read Receipts” of your messages may appear, letting you know the recipient opened the Messages app and clicked on the relevant conversation thread. They might have blocked you if you don’t see a “Delivered” or “Read” notification inside the iMessage discussion.

Step 4: Turn Caller ID Off and Place a Call
The person might be purposefully avoiding your phone calls and messages, which is another scenario. By turning off your Caller ID and placing a call to this person, you may verify this.

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