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How to find a lost or stolen iPhone

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The procedures to track the location of your lost iPhone are listed below if your iPhone has been lost, stolen, or misplaced. The good news is that Apple provides software that can help you locate a misplaced iPhone, and if it has been stolen, you can use the software to delete the iPhone and lock it down to secure your data.

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How to Locate a Lost iPhone

  • Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ service has been created expressly to track down and locate lost iPhones. Apple offers a free service called Find My. It is simple to set up and may be the most useful software on your iPhone (formerly known as Find My iPhone but now known as Find My) as of iOS 13. You can keep track of your Apple gadgets with the Find My service, which also works with your iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Mac.
  • either a Mac or a PC enter your Apple ID and Passcode to sign in to iCloud at
  • Once in iCloud, select the Find iPhone Icon button.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password once again if prompted.
  • On the following screen, pick Your Lost iPhone from the drop-down menu under the All Devices option.
  • Your iPhone’s most recent position on a map should be shown once you click on it.
  • You will see the Notify me when found option if your iPhone is off. When you choose this option, as soon as your iPhone connects to the internet, you will get a notification (sent to your email address).

Mark your iPhone as Lost

The best course of action is to designate your iPhone as lost if it is not nearby or if its position keeps changing (perhaps because you left it on a bus or train). Depending on the device you are using to access it, follow these steps to do this.

Tap on Activate beneath Mark As Lost on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Click Lost Mode if you are accessing Find My using iCloud.

When the device is found, you will be notified, Activation Lock will be activated (making it impossible to unlock the device without using your Apple ID), and any payment cards you use with Apple Pay will be suspended, according to the explanation you will see.

Following the option to mark your device as lost, you will be given the chance to give the person who finds it your contact information, which should make it easier for them to give it back to you. A contactable phone number that may be used to reach you must be entered. Additionally, you will have the choice to enter a message, which your iPhone will do and display for the person who finds it. “This iPhone has been lost,” Apple advises. Call me if you can. Click/tap on Activate after you have input the information.

Erase the iPhone

You should wipe the phone if getting your iPhone back seems to be utterly impossible. After selecting the Erase This Device option, click or tap Continue. If you are able to recover the iPhone, you can do so using the backup (which, ideally, you already have on iCloud).

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