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How to Enable Touch Keyboard in Windows 10/11

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How to Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10/11

By turning on the Touch Screen Keyboard on your laptop’s touchscreen, you may use it just like a tablet. The procedures to enable the touch keyboard in Windows 11/10 are listed below.

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1. Automatically Enable the Touch Screen Keyboard

Windows 10: Select Typing in the left pane under Settings > Devices. Enable the option to display the touch keyboard while the tablet is not active and no keyboard is attached in the right pane.

window 11: Accessibility can be chosen on the left pane by going to Start > Settings Icon. Scroll down to “Related Settings” in the right pane and click on “Typing.”

Expand the Touch Keyboard tab on the following screen and choose the Show the touch keyboard when no Keyboard is attached option.

When there isn’t a physical keyboard connected to your computer after that, the Touch Keyboard should display on the screen automatically.

2. Manually Enable Touch Keyboard in Windows 10/11

Windows 10: Select Keyboard from the left-pane menu under Settings > Ease of Access. Move the toggle adjacent to the on-screen keyboard to the ON position in the right pane.

Windows 11: Go to Settings > Accessibility, then scroll down to “Interaction” in the right pane and select Keyboard.

Place the toggle next to the on-screen keyboard in the ON position on the next screen.

The On-screen keyboard should appear on your computer’s screen right away.

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