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How to Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10/11

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How to Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10/11

You might occasionally need to turn off the touch screen on your laptop. Below are some techniques for turning off the touch screen in Windows 10 or 11.

Using the registry, disable the touchscreen

  • Run can be selected with a right-click on the Start button. Enter regedit in the Run Command window and then click OK.
  • Navigate to the Registry screen’s


  • In the left pane, click Touch Folder. Select the DWORD (32-bit) Value option by right-clicking in any empty area of the right pane.
  • Assign the name TouchGate to this newly formed DWORD.
  • Double-click TouchGate and confirm that its value is 0.
  • For the aforementioned update to take effect, restart the computer.
  • The Touch Screen won’t function after the computer restarts.

Using Device Manager, disable the touchscreen

  • (Windows key + X + M) Launch the Device Manager.
  • Include more human interface devices
  • .Expand Human Interface Devices entry in the Device Manager screen, then right-click on HID-Compliant Touch Screen and choose the Disable Device option.
  • To confirm, select Yes in the confirmation pop-up.


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