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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11

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Upon logging in to your computer, startup programmes begin to execute automatically. Even though these apps are quite convenient, there is one drawback to using them: if your computer has too many startup programmes installed, it will take longer for it to start up, which will delay your access.

Fortunately, it is simple to stop apps and programmes from launching with the computer by using the various techniques listed below.

Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11 From Settings

  • Select Apps from the left-hand menu in Settings, then click Startup in the right-hand menu.
  • By switching the toggle to the OFF position on the Startup screen, you can stop programmes or apps from starting up with the computer automatically.
  • The disabled Apps will no longer start up with your device and hide in the background when you restart the computer.

In Windows 11, disable startup applications from the startup folder

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R.
  • Press Enter after typing shell:startup.
  • Remove any unknown or no longer desired programme from your system’s automatic startup list.

Application removal from the Windows Startup Folder

  • Run can be selected by right-clicking the Start button. To open the Startup Folder on your computer, type shell:startup into the Run Command window and press OK.
  • Right-click the programme you want to stop from starting up at startup in the Startup Folder and select Delete.
  • After being taken out of the Startup Folder, the programme won’t bother you by starting up with your computer on its own anymore.

Using Task Manager, disable programmes that start-up

Using Task Manager is another approach to stop undesirable apps and programmes from starting up with the computer.

Select Task Manager by performing right-clicking on the Start button. Switch to the Startup tab on the Task Manager screen, then right-click the programme you wish to disable from startup and choose Disable.

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