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How to Disable Cellular Data for Specific Apps on iPhone

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By forbidding unauthorised apps from using cellular data, you can lower your iPhone’s cellular data usage. The procedures to disable cellular data for particular iPhone apps are shown below.

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Specified iPhone Apps Cannot Use Cellular Data

If your mobile phone plan only allows a certain amount of data, going over that limit could cost you money or keep you from using the internet.

Disabling cellular data for those certain iPhone Apps that are known to consume large amounts of data is a simple technique to prevent this from happening.

It is simple and unnecessary to utilise a third-party app to disable cellular data for particular iPhone apps.

  • Open Settings > Select Cellular from the Settings menu.
  • You may find a list of iPhone apps that use cellular data on the following screen.

As you go through the list of apps, toggle the Cellular Data setting to OFF for any apps that are utilising a lot of data.

To make the most of your limited cellular data plan, you are often better off turning off cellular data for Social Media Apps and other non-essential Apps.

You might occasionally discover that some of these Apps continue to attempt to connect to your iPhone’s cellular data network after you disable cellular data and receive error messages.

However, when you permit the Apps to update in the background while utilising your free WiFi Network, the issue typically goes away.

Select Settings > General > Background App Refresh from the menu. Allowing only the most essential Apps to Refresh in the Background by changing the slider on the following screen

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