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How to Disable Background Apps in Windows 11

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Background-running applications might cause your device to use many resources and slow down your PC. We frequently assume that programmes we don’t use have been closed when using a computer. Your computer is probably running slowly because some programmes keep running in the background, using memory and network resources. Allowing numerous apps to run in the background can frequently result in excessive resource utilisation by these data-hungry apps, which can negatively affect the computer’s performance. Thankfully, the procedures to disable background applications in Windows 11 are listed below.

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Method 1:Utilise settings to disable background apps

  • Open Settings, choose Apps from the left-hand menu and then select Installed Apps from the right-hand menu.
  • Click the 3-dot symbol next to the app name you want to stop on the Installed Apps screen, then select Advanced options.
  • Scroll down to the “Background App Permissions section” on the following screen, where you can change the option Let this App Run in Background to Never.

Method 2: Use the Registry Editor to disable background applications

  • In the search box, click Windows Start and enter “Registry Editor.” then click the corresponding item.
  • Then, paste the following address into the address bar of the Registry Editor and press Enter to navigate to the desired file. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
  • Right-click on Windows and select New > Key. Rename the key as AppPrivacy.
  • Next, Right-click on the AppPrivacy and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Rename the value as LetAppsRunInBackground
  • In the Value data area, double-click on LetAppsRuninBackground, enter 2, and then click OK to save the changes. The changes won’t take effect until you restart the machine.

Method 3:  Stop Background Apps Using Battery Usage

  • Open Settings, choose System in the (left-pane) and then select Power & Battery from the (right-pane) menu. You can sort by background on the Power & Battery page to get a list of the applications that are operating in the background on your computer.
  • Next, select the Manage Background Activity option by clicking on the 3-dot icon next to the app that you want to stop from running in the background.
  • By choosing the Never option for Let this App Run in Background on the next screen, you can stop this specific app from running in the background.

With this method, you can prevent All Apps from Running in the Background 

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