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How to Delete and Unsend WhatsApp Messages

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Have you ever sent a WhatsApp message that you later regretted? Or perhaps you had second thoughts about it later that day or the week after that? Same here in either case. It’s not a good feeling, and we truly wish there was an undo feature for the messaging service. You can recall or delete messages that have already been sent using WhatsApp’s “Delete For Everyone” option. The procedures to delete sent WhatsApp messages are listed below


How to delete your sent WhatsApp messages

  • Visit the conversation where the message you want to delete is located.
  • Select Delete from the menu after tapping and holding the message.
  • Additionally, you have the option to choose more messages to delete them all at once.
  • Tap Delete next, followed by Delete for Everyone.

Please be aware that Your recipient will see a notice saying “This message was deleted” (which won’t appear suspicious or anything). They can also unintentionally read messages you’ve written before you’ve had a chance to delete them, but seriously.

WhatsApp has a second method of message deletion in addition to the “Delete for Everyone” option known as “Delete for Me.” This option, as the name suggests, solely deletes Messages from your Chat screen and has no effect on Recipients’ Chats. In other words, utilising “Delete For Me” to delete a WhatsApp message has no effect on the chats of your recipients. Even when you use the “Delete For Me” option to delete the messages from your device, they will still be visible to them.

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