How to create a new IMO account

IMO is a free IM and video calls app. IMO is used to send text, voice messages, and voice or video calls with friends. And IMO is solely created to meet our needs of socializing online. You should make an account on IMO because it allows you to send and receive messages and communicate via audio and video.

A step-by-step guide to creating a new IMO account:

  • Go to your apple store or Google play store and download the IMO app depending on the kind of device you are using.
  • you will be asked to enter your phone no: make sure you enter an active no because an OTP will be sent to the phone no.
  • you will be asked to confirm your phone no which will pop up on your device screen
  • you will be asked to enter a verification code sent to the active phone number you presented during registration.
  • On the next screen, you’ll see a keyboard and a place to enter your name. The full name of the user must be entered. Type the username correctly since it will be visible to everyone. To proceed, click done.
  • The next screen will be a profile page. When you click on the camera icon, two options will be shown to you. You can choose an image from your collection or take a picture and upload it to serve as your profile picture.
  • Click on done once you’re finished. 
  • Also, your new IMO account will be made.

Here’s how you can reset your IMO password

  • Visit the IMO website and select “Forget Password?”
  • Type in the email address connected to your IMO account, then hit “Submit.”
  • Look for a message from IMO in your email. To change your password, click the link in the message.
  • After entering a new password, click “Submit.

Is it possible to open an IMO account without a phone number?

An IMO account cannot be created without a phone number. In order to validate your account and safeguard your privacy, a phone number is needed.

How to change the country in IMO

  • Open your IMO app on your device.
  • Tap on your profile which is located on the left corner of your device.
  • On your mobile device, when you open the profile menu, a selection of options will show. Look for the “settings” option in this list. The blue gear icon that appears next to it helps you to recognise it. On it once, tap.
  • After you have accessed the Settings menu, select “Account & Security,” which is the last item on the list. With a shield as its icon, this choice will be the second-to-last selection in the menu.
  • Next, you will see a menu with a choice to modify your registered phone number. On your mobile device, it will be the top choice in the menu. “Change Phone Number” can be tapped.
  • Two sim card images will show on a new screen. There is a blue button towards the bottom of the display. “Change Number” will appear on it. Press the button once.
  • Enter your old phone No
  • There is an option to modify the country code where you enter your new phone number. After it is tapped.
  • select the nation’s code. Your nation will change: A popup menu will present you with a list of nations along with their country codes. To find the nation you wish to choose, scroll through this menu.
  • once you’ve located the nation you’re looking for. Select it by making a single click on it. Once you have verified your number, your country will be altered on the IMO application.


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