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How to Change WhatsApp Notification Tone

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With WhatsApp, you may personalize and adjust the notification tone to suit your tastes. By selecting different settings for tone, vibration, popup, and light, you may personalize notifications.

WhatsApp gives you the option to enable or disable conversation tones for incoming and outgoing messages. On your Android phone, you may also decide to use high-priority notifications.

It can be challenging to distinguish which alerts come from which apps when your phone plays the same notification tone for notifications from various apps.

Setting a distinct notification tone only for WhatsApp messages is a simple cure for this problem that will allow you to receive notifications of new messages without even looking at your phone.

How to change the sound of WhatsApp notifications on your Android phone.

Open WhatsApp hit the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner, and then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to Notifications > Notification Tone > from the Settings menu. Choose the notification tone you want to use for WhatsApp notifications on your Android phone from the pop-up menu.

Make sure to hit OK to save this change on your Android phone when you’ve finished choosing the notification tone.

Change WhatsApp Notification Sound On iPhone

On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp, and then hit the Settings tab at the bottom.

Navigate from the Settings screen to Notifications > Sound > Choose the Alert Tone you want to use for WhatsApp Notifications on your iPhone on the following screen.

You may hear the Tone by tapping on the Tone Name, and you can experiment with different Tones by doing so. When finished, be sure to click Save.


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