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How to Block Spam Messages on WhatsApp

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How to Block Spam Messages on WhatsApp

Spam messages on WhatsApp have dangerous content that can access your smartphone and steal your personal information. WhatsApp spam can take many different forms, including online fraud, phishing attempts, and fraudulent advertising. While the majority of spam messages sent over WhatsApp are probably innocuous, there is always the chance that a spam message will try to lure you into visiting questionable websites in order to download malware or adware onto your device.

Links in some of these messages could take you to malicious websites or phishing scams. You should try to avoid clicking on any element of spam messages as much as possible.

On WhatsApp, how to block a spam message

  • To block a spam message, open WhatsApp and tap on it. Make sure not to tap on any images or links inside the message’s content.
  • Tap the Spam Message Sender’s Phone Number on the Sender’s Info screen.
  • Scroll down and choose the Block Contact option on the following screen.

Directly blocking spam communications is not possible. However, you can block the message’s sender to prevent them from doing it again.


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