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How to Block Someone in Photo Memories on iPhone

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There is an option to stop or block persons from appearing in Photo Memories in the Photos App’s Memories feature. You can now block someone from appearing in your Memories or make them appear less often.

As you surely have observed, the iPhone’s Memories function in the Photos App frequently draws your attention to particular old photos and even offers to make a quick film of them.

This won’t be the case, though, if a person you want to forget starts showing up in Photo Memories and reminds you of the past you wish you could forget.

As a result, iPhone offers the choice to Hide, Block, or Prevent Anyone from Appearing in Photo Memories as well as the choice to have them Appear Less Frequently.

How to Stop Someone from Appearing in iPhone Photo Memories

  • On the iPhone, open the Photos app and select the Albums option from the bottom menu.
  • Tap any photo in the “People & Places” section of the “Albums” screen.
  • Choose the photo of the person you want to block in Memories from the People screen. Select the option to remove this person from the people list by tapping the three dots menu icon in the top-right corner of the next screen.
  • Click Confirm in the confirmation pop-up.

Re-include a person in Photos Memories

  • On an iPhone, open the Settings app and select Photos.
  • Select Reset Suggested Memories in order to unlock prohibited locations or days.
  • To confirm, tap Reset.
  • Select Reset People Suggestions to unblock individuals you’ve blocked in Photos Memories.
  • To confirm, tap Reset.

How to view a day or location in photos or memories less?

  • Open the Photos app and go to the For You tab.
  • Tap See All to see all the Memories.
  • Scroll to find a memory of the day or place you want to see less often.
  • Tap the three dots icon at the top right of the memory.
  • Tap Feature Less.
  • You can then choose Feature This Day Less or Feature This Place Less.


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