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How to Add Website to Home Screen on iPhone and Andriod

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For any particular webpage of a website, not simply the main page, you can add a link to the home screen of your iPhone or Android device. You would have a lot more time to spare. There’s no need to launch the website initially before going to the internal page. Sometimes there is no direct link to the home page of the website from these pages, which are hidden deep within the archives.

The majority of users use their iPhone’s web browser to open their favourite and most often visited websites by simply entering the URL.

By placing a website shortcut on your iPhone’s Home screen, you may streamline this process and make it simple for you to access any website.

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When a website shortcut is placed on the Home screen, you can visit that website by pressing on the shortcut icon, completely skipping the step of opening a browser and entering the URL.

How to add a Website to Home Screen on iOS

  • Go to the website you wish to Add to the Home Screen of your iPhone in the Safari browser.
  •  To access the Safari Sharing menu after landing on the webpage, hit the Share symbol in the bottom menu.
  • Go to the Sharing menu in Safari and choose Add to Home Screen.
  • The open website or web page will now be added to your iPhone’s home screen when you tap Add.

How to add a Website to Home Screen on Android

  • On your Android smartphone, navigate to the Chrome browser and tap to launch it.
  • Tap the URL bar to get started.
  • After entering the website’s address, click Go.
  • Tap the three vertical dots to expand the options once the website or web page has loaded.
  • Press the Add to Home screen button.
  • Now click on Add
  • Once more, a pop-up option will appear; select Add to bring up a home screen for the website.
  • And your Android smartphone’s home screen will now display the website.

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