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Home » Fix: The microphone Not Working in WhatsApp on iPhone

Fix: The microphone Not Working in WhatsApp on iPhone

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Fix: The microphone Not Working in WhatsApp on iPhone

If you can’t be heard during a WhatsApp call, your iPhone’s microphone may not function correctly.

No matter where they are in the world, WhatsApp users may conduct free audio and video conversations as well as send free text messages to anyone.

While WhatsApp Calls typically operate without a hitch, it is not unusual for the app to malfunction on an iPhone due to network-related issues, improper Settings, and other factors.


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Check Privacy Settings for Microphone

Check to see if your iPhone’s privacy settings are blocking WhatsApp from using Microphone.

Activate the toggle next to WhatsApp by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone and switching it to ON.


WhatsApp cannot access the microphone if you have disabled that permission on your iPhone. You will still experience issues with the audio during WhatsApp calls. Here’s how to provide WhatsApp on iPhone permission to use your microphone.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • scroll to WhatsApp.
  • Enable the Microphone toggle.


Your phone’s microphone hole may collect dust and debris over time, which could interfere with voice and video calls. You must examine your phone’s microphone carefully and clean it with some rubbing alcohol. Stay away from sharp items. To effectively clear up dust, you can also enlist a professional’s assistance.

Update WhatsApp

Make sure WhatsApp is installed on your iPhone in the most recent version.

Open the App Store and look up WhatsApp. Tap the Update button next to WhatsApp Messenger on the following screen.

Give WhatsApp access to your mobile data

Make sure WhatsApp can access cellular data on your iPhone if you want to use mobile data to make a WhatsApp call.

Turn the toggle next to WhatsApp ON by going to Settings > Cellular.


Are there any installed apps that are quietly utilising a microphone? When the phone microphone is active, a visual indicator appears in the top-right corner of both iOS and Android devices. To check if the microphone is on, look in the top-right corner. Before making a WhatsApp call, these background apps need to be closed.

Disable Noice Cancellation

The functionality of the microphone may be impacted by the noise cancellation feature. This is more likely if you are chatting while lying on a couch or bed and using the iPhone in speaker mode.

Turn off Noise Cancellation by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual.


WhatsApp will continue to use the linked device’s microphone for voice and video calls if you’ve attached wireless earbuds or headphones to your phone. TWS immediately disengage from the phone when placed in the case. However, occasionally it performs poorly and continues to connect to your phone.

To disconnect such devices, swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone to reveal Control Center and tap the Bluetooth toggle. Keep in mind that this will only turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone for 24 hours.

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